Welcome to Madhya Yoga and Bodywork, offering Private Yoga Sessions and Thai Bodywork in your home or in a private studio in the East Village.

Madhya, Sanskrit for centerpoint, describes the fleeting calm between thoughts. In our busy lives, we might touch upon it for brief seconds – as we’re first waking up, on the meditation cushion, or when we are fully immersed in an activity we love. If we touch upon this even for a moment, we open to the best, most essential part of ourselves.

Breath-oriented practices like yoga and Thai bodywork lay the foundation for finding spaciousness in your body and your life. Whether new to yoga or working with a steady practice, whether unfamiliar with Thai bodywork, or craving a return to it, a custom-designed session can open the door to Madhya, the calm at the center of our whirling world.











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